Jawbreaker the Glossy

An overly confident superstar that wears bright colors and raps


Race: Halfling
Class: Thug (Fighter)

Background: Criminal (Thug)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Gender: Male
Age: 91

Height: 3’ 2"
Weight: 70 lbs.

Eyes: Sparkly blue
Skin: Pale, glossy (oily)
Hair: Greasy blonde

Weapon of Choice: His sick beats


Earlier in his life, Jawbreaker was involved with a band of thugs in the southern town of Frenick. When he and other thugs ended up in prison for attempting a raid, a young alchemist (BetterBorn) was hired to help them escape. Ever since the Frenick Prison explosion, Jawbreaker has tried to find more honorable work.

Jawbreaker has a high, squeaky voice, noticeably glossy skin (hence his title), and rough personality (“What the teff do you want!?”). He was hired by the Sweetmeat Guild as a factory guard, but was soon fired for his lack of sweetness. He had a very bad temper and always felt the need to prove his “awesomeness,” which often made him a rough bully. Tavern keepers once viewed Jawbreaker as a nuisance and oblige him to avoid property damage.

Shortly before Vernal Portal, Jawbreaker was able to ride off of the esteemed reputation of his cousin, Pith, to gain the influence he needed to secure the ownership of the Sweetmeet Factory. However, Jawbreaker proved to be too unpredictable as a leader, so Pith became the acting executive officer as Jawbreaker thrived in a rich thug life. Though he doesn’t see much in the way of actual combat anymore, he did start his own side business to keep himself busy. Inspired by the tavern tales of an evil musical genius (tales passed down from some adventurers to the tavern-goers who overheard), he founded SweetBeats, a recording company and subsidiary of the Sweetmeat Factory. Jawbreaker truly broke records, trends, and traditions to establish a steampunk-rap style of music that had profound effects on popular culture in Wozington City. Jawbreaker was, at last, rich and famous. Jawbreaker became, in his own words, “a teffin’ beastly boss of beats!”

Below are sample lyrics of his hit song:

“Ay ay-yo, ay-yo ma-yo
Are you ready for a reffin’, leffin’, teffin’ good show?
I’ve arrived! Now why don’t you lollipop a squat,
As you listen to my beats, and you watch what I got!”

“I’m swingin’ out my mace, and thuggin’ like I do,
Then they locked me in the crib until it all went BOOM!”

Jawbreaker the Glossy

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