Monster Evolutions

Any story based on Pokemon has to include evolutions! I looked through the D&D 5th edition Monster Manual and came up with some evolutions that I felt would make sense and would delight or intimidate the players.

Tier 1 (Levels 1/8-1) —> Tier 2 (Levels 2-5) —> Tier 3 (Levels 6-10)

Fire Snake —> Salamander —> Guardian Naga (change from poison to fire)

Duodrone —> Mimic —> Xorn (beef up with more damage and HP)

Warhorse —> Pegasus —> Unicorn (beef up with more damage or HP)

Mephits* —> Elementals* —> (depends on element*)

Winged Kobold —> Lizard King/Queen —> T-rex

Vine Blight —> Shambling Mound —> Treant

Pseudodragon —> Dragon Wyrmling —> Young dragon

Giant OwlGiant Bear —> Owlbear —> (N/A)

Animated Armor —> Helmed Horror —> Shield Guardian

Ghast —> Ghost —> Invisible Stalker

Giant Spider —> Phase Spider —> Drider

Ape —> Barlgura —> Giant Ape

Twig Blight —> Flarecrow —> (N/A)

  • There are six types of mephit:
    Dust (air & earth)
    Ice (air & water)
    Magma (earth & fire)
    Mud (earth & water)
    Smoke (fire & air)
    Steam (fire & water)
  • Mephits evolve by combining two of them to become an elemental, a creature composed of the element the two mephits had in common: Air, Earth, Fire, Water.
  • Each of these elementals evolves into a different creature, an advanced manifestation of their element:

Air Elemental —> Deva
Earth Elemental —> Stone Golem
Fire Elemental —> Fire Giant
Water Elemental —> Aboleth

Monster Evolutions

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