Pith the Glossy

An innovative metal smith, and a teffin' good one at that


Race: Halfling
Class: Guild Artisan (Metal Smith)

Background: Guild Artisan
Alignment: Neutral Good

Gender: Male
Age: 100

Height: 3’ 7"
Weight: 65 lbs.

Eyes: Dull blue
Skin: Pale, glossy (oily)
Hair: Brown

Weapon of Choice: Smith Tools, Battery-operated weapons


Pith the Glossy, Pith the Smith, Pith the Teffin’ Awesome Smith, or just plain Pith, it doesn’t matter, he will answer to all of them. From his youth, Pith was fascinated by metals. After completing an apprenticeship in Horrington, he settled in the Old Capitol and set up his blacksmith shop, specializing in specialty weapons and armor. He has always been lauded as the finest smith for miles around, and this is due to a unique family secret: Pith uses his own spittle on the metal.

Those who are lucky enough to afford custom pieces are able to see Pith in action, including his special approach to his craft. He licks and spits the metal to assist in adhering and soldering the metal parts together. He charges extra for his custom pieces, but they are fair prices for what the client receives. Some of Pith’s favorite masterpieces include a top hat that can eject razor blades and potions, several variations of the retractable shield, spring-loaded punching gloves and kick-boxing shoes, a sword that shoots bullets from the hilt, boots with rocket boosters, an explosive mace, tiny weapons concealed in musical instruments, and various enhanced cybernetic parts. Pith also takes particular pleasure in utilizing a new technology he invented: batteries. He has designed and built several battery-powered weapons, including a spinning buzz saw, which can be attached or welded onto most armor. These and many other inventions have delighted and amazed his clients for a number of years.

After Vernal Portal, Pith has reestablished his trade in the new capital city or Wozington. He has also expanded his expertise in cybernetics, as is evidenced by the metal parts and gizmos he often wears in public.

Pith and Jawbreaker are cousins, and both are affiliated to some degree with the Sweetmeat Guild. Though Pith is the more lawful of the two, he is always happy to help his good friend and cousin out of trouble. Plus, the two sound similar when they speak, except Pith’s voice is just a tad bit lower and less obnoxious. Though many credit Jawbreaker with the invention of the monster ball, it was Pith who built the first prototypes, according to his cousin’s instructions (as well as a number of secret modifications of his own to keep the contraption from melting). Jawbreaker has the crazy ideas, but Pith builds them.

Like Jawbreaker, Pith has a habit of using the halfling expletive, “teff” or “teffing” a little too often. But members of other races never seem to mind, since a select few old halflings are the only ones aware of the true meaning anyway.

Pith the Glossy

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