Joyn'ill the Nurse

A quiet, albeit lonely servent of public health


Race: Drow (Dark elf)
Class: Medic

Background: Merchant
Alignment: Lawful good

Gender: Female
Age: 420

Height: 5’ 11"
Weight: 110 lbs.

Eyes: Pink
Skin: Dark Grey
Hair: White, with pink highlights

Weapon of Choice: None


There aren’t many drow in modern civilization, and even fewer who can be seen as truly free of the criminal reputation so easily associated with the dark elves. Joy’nill was born in the Old Capitol to a drow couple who held prominent positions in the city’s merchant class. They supported her desire to be taught in the ways of medicine and she soon became an expert nurse.

The Vernal Portal benefited her occupation greatly, as many citizens were in need of some physical and mental healing after the traumatic events. However, when Joyn’ill noticed that many aspiring nurses and doctors were beginning to enter the city workforce she decided to move to a smaller, quieter area: Horrington. Joyn’ill quickly became one of the more prominent medical professionals in the town. Most of her patients especially appreciate her gentle, innocent manner.

Despite her gentle demeanor, Joyn’ill is an aggressive learner. She has never considered herself a professional, instead calling herself a perpetual student of her craft. She has developed ground-breaking but subtle applications of magic for medicine. She has also taken advantage of the resources at the Horrington Academy to teach herself medical alchemy.

He most impressive feat yet came in response to the pocket monster craze. She realized that monster trainers needed access to quick, effective healing services for their monsters. With a little help from Pith, the nation’s most prominent metal worker, she invented a healing pad device that could work with the monster balls and the creatures inside them. When Joyn’ill started to use it for monster trainers, she was praised as a silent genius, as she never made any attempt to draw attention to her self or her accomplishments.

Joyn’ill’s only frustration is the lack of suitable male company. Although she meets and serves many people every day, she has only had an interest in a select few elves. Those she fancies tend to write her off as a merchant-class drow. Her race and background are not the most suitable match for most eligible elves in the area. She has hopes to travel around the nation, meeting many more types of people, and hopefully finding a suitable suitor. Until then, Joyn’ill remains dedicated to her public service to personal health and happiness.

Joyn'ill the Nurse

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