Lolly the Licenser

He does his job, he visits his twin brother, and calls it a day


Race: Halfling
Class: Public Administrator (Liscenser)

Background: Commoner, Factory Worker
Alignment: Neutral Good

Gender: Male
Age: 86

Height: 3’ 1"
Weight: 55 lbs.

Eyes: Brown
Skin: Pale
Hair: Brown

Weapon of Choice: Pen and paperwork (daggers only if necessary, and only if he’s feeling brave)


Lolly was happy as a Sweetmeat Factory worker for several decades, until the events of Vernal Portal. After the catastrophe, Lolly and his twin brother, Pop, contemplated the meaning of life and the brevity of mortality and decided it was time to move to another line of work. Being simple, common folk, they thought it would be fun to work for the public, distributing and processing papers. Pop set up shop in Horrington, while Lolly moved farther south to the little village of Frenick. They often visited each other, and lived good, simple lives.

With the invention of the monster ball and the phenomenon of catching monsters, government officials in Wozington determined a licensing system to keep things under control. Pop and Lolly soon became pocket monster licensers in their respective stations.

As much as he loved the village of Frenick, Lolly was quick to leave the place after the Flarecrow disaster. Cowardly and a little lazy, Lolly moved in with his brother in Horrington, and they continued their simple public service, always pleased to be of service to any citizen or adventurer they meet.

Lolly the Licenser

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