Leo the Lion Elder

Formerly the Lion Paladin, now the aged executive leader of Wozington


Race: Human
Class: Noble

Background: Paladin (Oath of Devotion)
Alignment: Lawful Good

Gender: Male
Age: 85

Height: 6’ 0"
Weight: 180 lbs.

Eyes: Green
Skin: Pale
Hair: Grey

Weapon of Choice:Leadership, Honor, (previously his greatsword)


At a young age, Leo swore an oath to protect the village of Wozington, which sits at the foot of Capitol Mountain. He is one of the three guardians of Wozington, and handles most of the executive and administrative work from his modest mansion near the center of the village. A strong warrior and protector, Leo takes his oath and his “calling” as village guardian very seriously, and does not tolerate any threat to the safety of his citizens.

Several titles have been applied to Leo, including “the Lion,” “the Courageous,” and “the Royal,” but the title that now sticks is “the Younger Elder,” or simply “the Younger.” He is so-named because before him, the head of Wozington was an elderly wizard that everyone referred to as “the Elder.” Since the wizard’s death, his roles as leader, shopkeeper, and resident magic expert were divided between Leo and Feyrow, with Feyrow being called “the Elder” for his wrinkled appearance, and Leo being called “the Younger Elder.”

Leo has always worked closely with the other two guardians, Boqqle and Feyrow, in handling the government, administration, and protection of Wozington. As the city became the capital after the events of VP, Leo continued to work with the other two guardians to reestablish the national government. He continued to head the executive responsibilities (including the organization of the city militia), while Boqqle and Feyrow helped establish the Judiciary/Treasury and the Democratic Court, respectively.

in his old age, Leo has come to be known as the Lion Elder.

Leo the Lion Elder

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