Pockets & Monsters

Chapter 4: Epilogue

DM Note: Due to conflicting schedules and other commitments, some of the players weren’t able to continue this campaign any further. As unfortunate as this was, I still consider this a successful campaign while it was running, because it was clear the players were really enjoying it! I had fun developing my homebrew world further from my previous steampunk campaign, and I hope to continue this development in future games.

Besides, I didn’t intend for this Pokemon campaign to last for very long. That’s why I’ve decided to offer this epilogue in order to wrap up this story and reveal the final events that I was planning for the players. Because the players weren’t really involved in the events I will describe in this epilogue, I won’t go into detail about what our heroes do. I will assume that they go straight for the quests, fight the monsters, and beat the bad guys (even though every seasoned DM knows the players always do the unexpected). Enjoy this final installment of Pockets & Monsters!

The next day began with a bright, sunny morning, the perfect conditions for our heroes to win a national tournament. the players were able to find a few sponsors (perhaps Pith, or any of the taverns). Then, they entered a large stadium, packed with a full house of excited spectators. It was the 5th Annual Wozington Pocket Monster Tournament! Jawbreaker provided some entertainment with his futuristic rap-style music (turns out he’s a star throughout the country), and then the battles began.

The players fought several battles, some more challenging than others. The participants of this tournament have been around the block a few times, releasing more powerful monsters (for examples of Tier 2 monsters, check out the Monster Evolutions page). If the players win the tournament, they win tons of gold, as well as the Wozington badge (a traditional crest that features a lion’s face, a metal axe, bales of straw, and an emerald “W”).

Soon after the tournament (and the subsequent revelries that honor the victors), there is a commotion near the center Wozington, in the older part of the city. A large anklyosaurus erupted from the cobblestone ground, crashing into buildings and spitting acid everywhere!

The players, with the help of their monsters, defeat the anklyosaurus. The citizens are very grateful, and several of them mutter something about informing the Lion Elder about these events. If the players don’t seek out the Lion Elder right away, someone approaches them with a message that their presence is requested in his office.

At the home and office of the Lion Elder, a butler answers the door and lets the players in. Behind a desk, the party meets an old man in his 80s. the more astute adventurers recognize this man as Leo, whose younger likeness was seen in the statue near the Judiciary. Leo thanks the party for saving his city, and asks them to investigate the cause of the attack. He fears this may be a repeat of a similar incident fifty years ago, especially since that previous episode occurred in the same area. Evidently, the acid-breathing anklyosaurus emerged from a small cave, known years ago as Reptilla Cave. The cave had since been emptied and cemented over with a cobblestone road as the city expanded. The players agree to investigate the cave.

They walk in and find it dark, but empty. A short way into the cave, the ground is littered with jagged rocks and stalagmites—difficult terrain, there is dead grass and charred earth everywhere, and the right-side wall is covered in black marks. All of this is evidence of powerful spells cast decades ago. Perhaps the old giant-sized footsteps had something to do with that.

Soon, they come upon a two-way fork. The right fork leads to a dead end with large, moldy animal bones and the remnants of a large rusty cage. The left fork leads to another supposed dead end with piles of decomposed wood mixed with shards of glass. However, in this room a recently-carved opening to a tunnel was found. It may have been carved or blasted by magic, or acid, it was hard to tell. Strange magic could be detected through that opening, which was large enough for an anklyosaurus to walk through.

Once the players step through the opening, a strange magical effect takes hold of each of them. The feel compelled to run deeper into the cave, and a magical force pushes them onward, causing them to run much faster than is physically possible. It seems to be a similar effect to seven league boots.

On and on they go, until the party reaches the other end of the tunnel. Once there, the magical effect stops, and they crash into an opposite cave wall. The players have no idea how far they traveled, but they find an ascending stone walkway nearby, so they would soon find out.

The adventurers find themselves at the western mountains, near the entrance to a fortress carved into the rock. Only the front facade is visible. Who knows what could be inside? Clearly, this was where our heroes were meant to go.

The fortress has very fine craftsmanship and architecture inside, but it is filled with traps. Most of the obstacles involve stone or metal constructs (the owner of this fortress is clearly fond of clay and stone golems, but seems to have a particular liking for iron golems). Some rooms have puzzles or riddles (one room would feature a large chess board for an original game called “Crosses and Straights.” Three iron golems would move around the board in straight lines, while three of the players would move around in diagonal lines. The aim is to capture the opposing pieces).

At the end of it all (assuming the players survive), is a large chamber with a huge iron golem sitting on a throne. The golem doesn’t move, but the humanoid figure in front of it does. It is a black dragonborn wearing fancy purple robes befitting a wealthy magic user. The dragonborn calls himself Aryan. It was he who set the anklyosaurus on Wozington, and he was preparing to send several more formidable creatures into the city. He does all of this in the name of Asmodeus, God of Tyranny, former ruler of the Nine Hells. It was clear that Aryan, under Asmodeus’s direction, was working to weaken all civilization.

Aryan is a powerful sorcerer, and he activates the giant iron golem at times to try to crush the heroes. If Aryan is killed, the party can claim the fortress as their own and find a mountain of treasure there, as well as a few unique monsters (many of them powerful constructs) to catch.

If Aryan were to prevail, he would continue his city assaults as planned. But of course the players would never allow such a conclusion. they would likely pull out all the stops for this guy. If Aryan at least escapes with his life, he teleports himself to a different plane of existance, the Infernal Battlefield of Archeron, where Asmodeus resides and bides his time.

There are other cities and strongholds out there that the players could explore to find or battle new monsters. It’s hard to say whether this pocket mon “fad” would last much longer, but it is clearly a great source of entertainment for the masses and a lucrative endeavor for those who are, truly, the very best…like no one ever was. The way things are going, these adventurers are clearly well on their way.



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