Welcome to “Pockets & Monsters”!

This is a homebrew campaign based on the Pokemon franchise, and inspired by a few guys who demonstrated this possibility on Youtube. This campaign began in late June 2016 and concluded in late July 2016. It uses the rules and universe of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (D&D 5e), and used standard races and classes (with the exception of a Mistborn class which I helped Jeremy develop for his character, Kelsier). This is also the second campaign in the Yarjerit Archives, taking place fifty years after the first one.

For some general notes about my campaigns, refer to this blog (about halfway down the page).

Special thanks to the players! It has been fun to further develop this world, and to see what crazy things they do there. The players are listed below, with their character’s name in parentheses:

Jeremy (Kelsier)
William (Benaiah)
AJ (Papercut the Kneestabber)
Brandon (Bardied)
Danny (Duthrash)

—Yarjerit (DM)

Pockets & Monsters

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